Scenes of Crimes

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Scenes of Crimes

The first crime scene takes place where Tre fights with a teacher, the second scene takes place where Ricky fight with Doughboy, the third scene of the crime is where Ferris’ men shoot Ricky and the fourth scene is where the cop threatens Tre with his gun. The factors that are in place to determine whether it is viable to label the events as crime relates to the exit of different categories of conducts and activities. For instance, in the first scene, the cause of the fight must be determined before making conclusions (Lee, 2018). The assessment will give the suitable response from norms in the scene to determine if they correspond with unlawful actions that are punishable by the state and other lawful authorities — however, the word “crime” in not having any common and simple accepted definition even though the legislative meanings are provided for specific purposes (Wiecek, 2015). The principal and prevalent view regarding the factors of labeling lie on the basis that crime is the category that is formed by the law where something is regarded as a crime in case it is affirmed per se by the appropriate and valid code. Also, the factors fall on the point that links to the action that is harmful to some folks along with the whole public, humanity and the state. A person can be labeled if he or she is regarded to be involved with public wrong and such course of actions are punishable and prohibited by law.

Section Two

Where Tre fights with a teacher, the crime model that arises is associated with that self-identity and values of individuals. The Social structure theory fits the context, and the action is determined and influenced by the expressions of describing and classifying them. It upholds that deviance is not intrinsic to the act but instead concentrates on the propensity of majorities to unconstructively label the minorities and those regarded as deviant from the standard cultural norms. The high rate of crime in such a setting takes account of an individual’s behaviors and values (Wiecek, 2015).

The second where Ricky fights with Doughboy is facilitated by criminal actions that are established by an individual’s choice. The crime falls under strain theory. In this context, thousands of criminal offenses are committed by individuals on bail, quick release or early release in Ireland each year. The strain theory theories are essential in facilitating the comprehension of crime because method exhibits individuals that experience strain as well as stress develop the distress and become upset, leading them to commit a crime with the intention of coping with the situations state (Lee, 2018). The factors of emotion act in the scene affects eight people out of eleven as the principal influence on the offense — accordingly, those emotions associated with the activities that infringe the social norms mainly in the context of sociology.

Subcultural theory fits the third scene as the theory incorporates the three strain core sources like; a) the loss of constructive stimuli that links with the death of a loved one; b) the exhibition of an undesirable incentive, taking account of both physical and oral assaults and; c) the incapability of reaching the desired goal (Lee, 2018). Here, it is clear that, even though these aspects are natural, they initiate the high rate of crime in the scene. These factors exist in every society across the boundaries and the crimes committed are unlawful acts that are punishable by the state and other lawful authorities.

The concepts of organized crime in the scene take place where the cop threatens Tre with his gun.  This model, however, began earlier in real life in the nineteenth century where Mafiosi were either killed or jailed for life (Tibbetts, 2018). However, some of them managed to flee to several other countries including the United States of America. In the United States, they started and established several criminal activities such as extortion, bribery, gambling, and several others. However, organized crime has since crossed ethnic lines in Ireland.  A person may be labeled if he or she is not in line with norms that act like guidelines and anticipations through which the members of the community are conservatively guided. The sociologists are characterizing this aspect as any activity, thought, mood, or deed that the followers of the social community judge as the desecration of the standards violate the definitions of suitable and unsuitable conduct shared by every member within the social structure. 

Section Three


After watching the film, I discovered that many scenes are associated with crimes, but they are discussed in the above articles. Nevertheless, the dominant theme that emerges and dominates the film is that of racism.  America is a country whose citizens are of different races. Among them are black Americans. For decades these people have been faced with challenges of being discriminated by the white Americans. I have realized that discrimination has existed in America since the colonial era.  The whites have had privileges that the black Americans have been denied for long (Lee, 2018). Such opportunities include different criminal justice processed where black Americans have been subjected to harsh judgment in comparison to the whites.  The White Americans have had rights to own land while the black Americans were before not allowed to own property for years.  The aspect disclosed widespread light discrimination.  However, some arguments are that the two people are the same the only difference is the skin color. The film explains how the perception is not valid in his work (Wiecek, W. M. (2015).

Black Americans have not been allowed to join the white color jobs. This was in the idea that these people are not wise enough to hold positions in the offices.  The issue has affected the economic development of the United States of America. It shows that, if there was unity in America and if everyone was taken to be equal, the economy would be far much advanced (Trepagnier, 2017).   Its worth noting that agreement is the strength. Therefore the power of the country would be higher. Initially, racial discrimination was clear and evident as it could be seen. Nowadays this vice is done by people who would rather hide the clamp. It is therefore not possible to know the real culprits of the fastener.  Besides, I have learned that America has institutionalized racial discrimination (Trepagnier, 2017).  The blacks have been convinced that they are inferior through this type of discrimination. There are claims that Black Americans are not inferior but instead they have been made to believe that they are inferior. The film argues that they have been brainwashed, and this translates to the fact that they are intelligent and able to do all that whites can do, but they can not merely because of their belief.


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