Sample paper: Existence of God.

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The following is a prompt for a philosophy essay on the existence of God.

Image showing the battle between Christ and Satan.


The final paper/exam for PHL 130 provides an opportunity for students to gather together their thoughts on various philosophical issues and to demonstrate their understanding of these issues as dealt with by the philosophers we’ve studied.

The final paper should be 5- to-7 pages (double-spaced with Word default margins) and must address the questions below. The final paper is due , In 25 hours time strict. noon via Canvas. I will not accept papers submitted via email.

Who are you? How do you experience your human nature – that is, that part of you that is your essence and that you share with other human beings? Which philosopher best fits your sense of yourself as a human being? Which philosopher do you disagree with on the topic of human nature?

Then, who are you as a person – that is, how do you express your human nature in your own unique way? How does your understanding of human nature influence how you express your personhood? Which philosopher best fits your understanding of yourself as a person? Which philosopher do you disagree with on the topic of human personhood?

Use the topics and questions below to guide you in answering the question above. The topics and questions are to help you think about your answer; you do not have to address all the topics, but you MUST address the Faith and Reason topic.

You should draw on at least three philosophers in addressing the topics (that is, your whole essay should address at least three philosophers). You may use more than three philosophers, if you like. Remember that the nature of the topic may determine which philosopher(s) you should draw on.

Please write your paper as a formal essay; do not use numbers on your paragraphs; do not use bullet points. Please read over and consider the questions below thoughtfully and remember to tie them in to the broader question above.

Mind/Body (Metaphysics) Do you think human nature resides primarily in our bodies or our souls/minds? How do these two entities (physical body and immaterial soul) interrelate so that they are unified? How do you experience this in your own life?

Truth (Epistemology) Do you have an overarching Truth that guides your life? Your Truth may be an overall guiding principle for your life; it may be a religious truth that you are committed to and by which you guide your life; it may be the “one thing” that you are most committed to. If you do not have an overarching truth, how do you know when something is true? Is it supported by rational thought? Can you point to experience that supports your position? Is Truth an idea or is it something material?

3. The Good Life (Ethics) What does it mean to be a good person and how ought a good person to live? What constitutes a good life and how should we live our lives to achieve that good life?

Arguments Supporting the Existence of God (Faith and Reason) If you believe in God, how do you use reason to explain your faith? Of the philosophers we’ve studied, which do you think is most helpful in using reason to justify faith? If you do not believe in God, how would you argue against those philosophers we’ve studied who assert that God exists? General Guidelines

This is primarily a thinking paper – not a research paper. You may not bring in any information from outside the course. You are free to use your texts, my lectures, and your notes as you think through this paper. You MAY NOT quote from my PPT lectures in writing the paper. You may use the PPT lectures to inform your reading of the text but you may not use any of the language from the PPTs. The lectures are my work; I would like you to do your own work. If you use information from the textbook, you must PARAPHRASE. All paraphrases and quotes from the texts must be cited and a reference list or bibliography must be included or you are at risk of receiving a ZERO (0) on this assignment (NOTE: You will not be given a second chance). That means using quotation marks when needed, paraphrasing as appropriate, and providing citations (including page numbers) in the body of the text and a REFERENCE/WORKS CITED list at the end. You may use whatever style guide/manual with which you are most comfortable. Please see my writing guide or consult the Purdue OWL website for help with citing your sources properly. You may also come see me if you have any questions about citing sources for your paper.

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