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Christian Theology in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ film

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The directors of different films along with authors of different novels reveal their ideas through movies and writings respectively. The portrayed concepts at times relate to the notions that are in real lives. For that reason, it is feasible to explore the core aspects that are integrated into the film. This paper delves into the Christian theology in David O. Russell’s ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ film.

Russell’s film intersects with Christian theology through advocating a faith-based outlook of mental sickness along with emotional redemption (Sari 18). The main areas and ideas that the movie concerns are based on the concept where Philadelphia Eagles are regarded as divine.  The movie conceives the rite of a higher order and becomes the centre of reference in the way Patrizio “Pat” Solitano behaves overtly at the end of the eight months of medication for bipolar disorder. He associated Christian theology with a system of worship but did not articulate it. The balance between the overt and covert ideas in the film links with different ethnic which has an entirely different way of undertaking Christian worship which consists of the multitude of beliefs. Covert ideas emerge at dinner where Ronnie, Veronica and Pat come across the sister of Veronica, Tiffany Maxwell (Olsen et al. 52). She is a victim of depression and a widow with relationship problems. Ronnie, Veronica and Pat believe that it was a way of life to most churches. They raised issues on the affiliations of Christian theology in the film. The approach integrates useful aspects that would drive the attention of the worshipper to the primary subject matter under consideration.

Tiffany and Pat are the protagonists or else characters in the film that is in direct opposition to the antagonist Patrizio “Pat” Solitano. The conflict that arises between them emerges where Tiffany, Pat, and their friends engage in betting which conflicts with aspects of believing that it does not acculturate aspects that are biblically accepted in Christianity (Epstein, Adam, and Brian 28). The notions of Patrizio “Pat” Solitano are borrowing the aspects that are authentic and good helps expand evangelization.  It is only for those who have a sense of holy calling and those that should be associated with Christian theology. The aspect emphasizes that without such divine calling, one is at a greater danger of backsliding. When a man has integrated the contents of Christian theology, God furnishes him with all the abilities he requires. It equips him for the responsibility of a powerful intellect, a ravenous enthusiasm to learn, and a powerful voice that could preach about Christian theology.

My reaction to the film is that it has an excited vitality enveloped in their comic esteem, puzzle storylines, music and messages that redirect individuals’ consideration from day by day stresses and weight, and rather energizing bliss and rousing them. The thought was not provoking; instead it makes fun and an open condition where I talk about the movies I watch, bringing about the easing of weights and gaining experiences that inspire satisfaction. It has lasting images and ideas that particularly enthralled me; those that bring out different parts of life, for example, various societies, religions, history, dialect, and conventions of multiple individuals everywhere throughout the world. These highlights instruct and educate people on different communities.

In conclusion, the film was useful to me because it considers Christian theology as a practice in the religious. It is called split level faith and takes the work within different accounts to reach its ultimate form. The effect it had on me when considering it in a divine light is grounded on the way it was integrated and determined by every worshipper with the intention of mitigating the conflict between protagonists and antagonists. It is the elaborate system that can be expressed in different actions. Christian theology is not static, it is dynamic, and it expands and takes up other religion and grows and is a continuous process. It calls for each group of people has its religious system with sets of beliefs and practices.

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