Objections of Utilitarianism Essay.

Objections of utilitarianism include; utilitarianism is too demanding.

Objections of utilitarianism. The image shows that utilitarianism is too demanding

Utilitarianism states that action should lead to the greater good. It is based on the greatest happiness principle, which states, “Actions are right in the proportion they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness.”- John Stuart Mill.

Happiness refers to pleasure or absence of pain, while unhappiness refers to pain or absence of pleasure. Utilitarianism is based on the Greatest Happiness Principle- the idea that individual actions should focus on promoting happiness for the majority in society. Also, Utilitarianism advocates for animal rights and considers animals as moral members of the community.

Possible Objection of Utilitarianism

The objection to utilitarianism theory is that it is too demanding. The critics argue that utilitarianism implies that we should always act in order to maximize happiness; this is a too strict requirement. It is asking too much of people to be always motivated to promote general happiness. Besides, the measurement of general happiness may be illusionary.


Utilitarianism does not imply that people should have a sense of duty to promote happiness. Instead, it implies that most of our actions result from other motives and the motive has nothing to do with the morality of the action. Many people have found this response inadequate because regardless of the motive, Utilitarianism requires people always to maximize overall happiness.

Therefore, an additional response will be that Utilitarianism is not too demanding. The people only find it too demanding because they perceive the right action as a burden. Again, there is a problem here because Utilitarianism focuses on the consequences rather than the action. According to Utilitarianism, if the consequences are desired, an action is desired.

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