Research paper writing is a fundamental ingredient in professional education and research. Even after graduating from college or university, you will engage in various research projects in your academic field. The objectives of research paper writing is to sharpen the students’ abilities in applying classroom concepts to the real world. Research paper writing goes beyond skimming through the text books and academic journals. It includes comprehension of the required material in order to unearth the content required to achieve the research objective.

Attention to details and effort is required for a custom research paper to be written effectively. A research paper targets a particular audience. Therefore, the research paper should address the audience’s high expectations. The research paper ought to consider the client’s requirements.

It is important to conduct an in-depth research about a specific topic in order to have sufficient knowledge about the topic. At, the writers do extensive research on a given topic before writing. The process is time consuming because of the enormous number of resources that need to be analyzed.


Types of Research Papers

Argumentative and analytical research papers are the two main types of research papers. Argumentative research papers: the student takes a position on a given topic. An example of argumentative research paper is writing on legalization of marijuana.

Analytical research paper: states the topic of research in form of a question, but not taking sides. In the body, the student discusses supporting side and opposing side, but maintains a neutral stance. In the conclusion, the student states the conclusion on the basis of the essay content. An analytical paper, therefore, leaves the readers to take sides for themselves. For example, a paper that explores if abortion is ever morally permissible.


Writing an effective research paper

Writing an effective research paper requires the student to focus the topic on general background reading, developing a clear research question, and presenting the argument in a critical and clear manner supported with evidence and proper citation. To achieve this, you should ask yourself the following questions, what is the topic? Is it significant? Are background materials relevant to the topic?

Start with introduction, then body and conclusion. Before writing the final work, write a rough draft first and make improvements until it clearly addresses the research question. Things to check in the rough draft include; the overall organization, logical flow of ideas, coherent and depth of discussion in the body part, and effectiveness of conclusion. Check the paragraphs; in paragraphs, check the topic sentences, sequence of ideas, use of evidence to support the points and use of transition within and between paragraphs.

Check the sentences level; here you check word choices, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. Check the documentation; this is the citation the information that is not considered common knowledge, and appropriate use of footnotes or endnotes. Lastly, check the accuracy of works cited.

Different styles are used when writing a research paper. These styles include APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, Oxford, and Chicago writing style. The student can use any style they like or use the style specified by the instructor. These styles guide the students on arranging the paragraphs, spacing between words, writing footnotes, and works cited.

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