Frida and Diego Rivera Sample Essay

Frida and Diego Rivera (1931) shows Frida alongside her husband, Diego Rivera. In the painting, Rivera is holding Frida’s hand.
Frida and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo, born July 6, 1907, was a Mexican painter who reveled who is famous for her works that depicted both surrealism and realism. Her paintings, such as The Two Frida’s (1939) and Frida and Diego Rivera (1931) shows are replete with her emotions in real life. Kahlo is depicted as a famous artist who reveled in both surrealism and realism.

Frida and Diego Rivera (1931) shows Frida alongside her husband, Diego Rivera. In the painting, Rivera is holding Frida’s hand. A look on Frida’s face shows that she is not happy, she has titled her head in a suggestive manner that she is tired of the marriage. Her husband is depicted as talented because he holds paint brushes in his right hand. In the painting, Frida depicts the dominant nature of men in the society. This means that men are always in control. According to Frida herself, she was recognized internationally due to the influence of her husband (Kahlo, Fuentes, and Lowe 11).

Therefore, she grew in the shadow of her husband, who was a talented painter.  Furthermore, the painting depicts Frida’s marriage and her role as a wife in society. Frida dresses like a typical traditional Mexican woman in a long dress (Lane 94). Also, Frida positioned herself on the left of her husband in the frame. The positioning of women on the left of their husbands depicts the less moral status of women in society. The painting, therefore, depicts realism where the society views women as submissive to their husbands.

The Two Fridas (1939): This is an art work in which Kahlo presents two portraits of herself. The painting symbolizes Kahlo’s emotional pain divorce with her husband. In the painting, one Frida is holding the hand of the other Frida, which shows that Frida is consoling herself (Bán  and Tucker 30).

She seems to go through the emotional pain of divorce on her own, without emotional support from anyone. In one portrait, Frida is wearing a marriage costume, but in the other, she is wearing casual clothes, which depicts that she is not interested in marriage anymore (32). The background of the painting has a stormy storm, which symbolizes the turmoil she experienced in her marriage. Furthermore, the painter shows a bleeding heart, depicting that she suffered emotionally from the divorce.

In sum, Frida Kahlo’s painting was replete with realism because the artist painted what she experienced in life.  The piece of art, Frida and Diego (1931) presents Frida holding her husband’s hand. However, he does not show happiness. In 1939, Frida Kahlo exposed the turmoil in her marriage by painting The Two Fridas, where she presents herself in a marriage costume a day before marriage and in casual clothes after divorce. The two paintings shows that Frida Kahlo painted what she experienced in real life. It is sufficient therefore, to state that Frida Kahlo was a realist.

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