Discussion 2: Importance of Critical Thinking

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Question: Is critical thinking important to your overall academic experience?

Yes, I think critical thinking is important to my overall academic experience because it provides an opportunity for me to analyze what I read to determine if it is an opinion or it is backed up with evidence. In academic experience, I must come across different texts, which require critical thinking skills to understand better about a certain subject. According to the text, “Building Arguments”, “Different people have different opinions, especially when they are talking about their values and individual attitudes about things.” (2). It is important, therefore, to differentiate the correct opinions from mere feelings.

Critical thinking is important because it helps me to organize information and establish the connection between points, which is important in the academic experience. Furthermore, critical thinking helps in giving reasons for opinions. Obviously, people expect an explanation for an opinion. Through critical thinking, I can give an explanation either using deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning. This means that when I give an opinion, I have to use critical thinking to back up the opinion with research and evidence. Another importance of critical thinking according to the text, “Building Arguments”, is that it that it establishes the ground for making an argument in a manner that other people will respect (2). I believe that when I convince people using logic and critical thinking, they will respect my opinion. This is most applicable when writing a dissertation and have to use a particular methodology, say, grounded theory, I will have to use critical thinking skills to establish the connection between the findings and the grounded theory.

Furthermore, critical thinking is important to my overall academic experience, because when doing research, I will have to use critical thinking skills to give the reasons behind my opinions. This means that I have to make a connection between evidence and information. For instance, in an argument on whether the U.S should arm school teachers to stop the incidences of gun violence, one of the major points is that training school teachers to the level of defending a class in case of a shoot-out will be inadequate. This is a valid point, but I need to back it up with reasoning by use of critical thinking. For example, I can add that training school teachers take a lot of time and resources. Furthermore, lack of practice will make the teachers lose experience.  In summary, critical thinking is important to my overall academic experience because it helps me put information together using evidence and leaving out personal feelings.

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