5 Ways to Help Improve Concentration in the Online Class

improve concentration in online class
Concentration in an online class.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions have started remote education by having online classes. Whereas people usually don’t balance the online classes as they seem to have in classrooms. It isn’t easy to improve concentration in online class that people used to have in classrooms while attending the lecture. Whereas, living in this pandemic, online classes are the only solution not to waste time with education and learn to be motivated. See TEFL for more observed practices for class skills and awareness of language and culture. 

Hence here we are going to ponder over the five ways to help improve concentration in the online classes as follow:

Maintaining Routine

While going to school, people usually get up at 8 o’clock in the morning. But due to this pandemic, the morning routine has been changed. As now online classes that schedule in the morning, people usually don’t take it. Hence the teachers have to shift the courses in the midday. But still, people don’t even take midday classes seriously. To maintain the routine, you need to keep your usual morning routine. Start your day by taking a shower or going for a morning walk, having a good breakfast, and get up early in the morning to make yourself prepared to attend a morning class. Why not take lessons with a comfort blanket, grab a cup of tea, and focus on what the lecture is all about with easiness. Online classes have provided us so much comfort, and maintain the routine to keep your energy and help you stay focused is essential to start the day.

Creating workspace

When your classes were not online, you have a bench or a chair/table where you start your work. But as the position is remote now, you need a workspace where you have your table and chair to start your career with motivation. Being motivated and attentive is the key to achieve your goals. It is better to keep your workspace away from your bed because you have more chances to pick up your laptop and lie down on your bed. 

Updating technology

It will not benefit you if you keep disconnecting from your online class, or you will not be able to hear or see what’s going on in your online course. Updating your technology is one of the critical solutions to focus on the class. Your headset needs to be correctly workable, and if there comes a question or attendance, you must always stay focused and reply with confidence. Be well prepared for your quizzes and assignments, and don’t waste time rather than take notes and set a schedule or reminders. 

Don’t be distracted

While taking class, there should be complete silence and no distractions. Inform your family members to slow down the TV’s voice while attending the class and try not to have background noise if you are taking an online course from home. At the same time, there should be silence that would motivate you to be focused. If you live with flatmates, try to have boundaries that they shouldn’t disturb you. 

Learning approaches/ Reach out with your professor.

Try out new learning approaches if you have difficulty while learning. Stick to your professor’s schedules and watch classes later if you have any problems. Attend live online courses that encourage you to participate. For significant issues, if you can’t attend the class, try to take it later from the recorded videos. Recorded videos help you to go back at any time and bring your notes while attending. It would be best if you didn’t depend on your classmates because most would waste time and didn’t make notes. 

Improve concentration in class.
Improve concentration in class.

If you got any difficulty related to your lectures, reach out to your professor and connect with him. First, it is better to participate in class discussions and virtual study meetings to discuss the shared information related to the desired lectures. You can ask your friends and professors about any difficulty. If your friends didn’t make notes, then watch the previous videos and make your own. If your friends didn’t clear the concepts of lectures, then try to connect with your professor to remove images. 


Hopefully, the details mentioned above related to the article would help you understand the article carefully.

Some of the five ways to help improve concentration in the online class are as follow:

  1. Maintaining Routine
  2. Creating workspace
  3. Updating technology
  4. Don’t be distracted
  5. Learning approaches/ Reach out with your professor

After reading the details, you would be able to be focused during online classes, and it would help you be motivated and focused during the online courses. 

This post was written by Eliza Megan of SEE TEFL

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