5 Simplest Ways To Find And Boost Your Writing Skills

Some people spent their college years dreaming about a career as a journalist, essay writer, or translator. They invested their money and effort to achieve this goal making their entire educational path out of this.

Importance And Role Of Writing Nowadays

Writing can be often confused with art and, in fact, it’s very closely connected to the spirit of art. Without the right inspirational ideas, you can’t write anything good. But writing is made of techniques, as well. And for this reason, writing is also similar to any other form of art, from painting to music.

Maybe, some people think that starting a career as a journalist or blogger is pretty difficult. There’s so much concurrency in this industry and writing can be scarcely repaying in certain cases.

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By the way, who told you that writing isn’t enough repaying? That’s probably only a misconception that you just need to get rid of.

Starting With No Experience Isn’t A Problem

Many people have another prejudice about writing skills. They think that if you aren’t a natural-born talented writer, you can’t learn anyway. That’s not true! Obviously, most people start writing because they like it and they know they have a quite solid education and ability in writing. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn. In fact, a large number of freelancers who start blogging or writing for other purposes keep improving over time and it’s exactly what you can do, too.

Do you want to give it a try and see if you can become as good as you wish you were in writing? Here’s how you can find and boost your writing skills effectively:

  1. Listen to your thoughtsthinking
    People are in a hurry, they don’t even have time to stop analyzing their thoughts! It’s what you have to avoid first. So, take it easy, listen to your inner thoughts while walking or travelling by bus. Listen to yourself and try to put into words the thoughts that run in your head.
  2. Write every day
    Make writing become a daily activity. You have to create a routine and give it some space in your everyday life. No matter what you write about. Your goal is to practice and become more confident and acquainted with writing. You can choose to use your computer or, if you feel more comfortable with “traditional” tools, just take a pencil and a piece of paper.
  3. Draw an outline of what you writeoutline of what to write
    The second exercise you should try to improve writing is drawing an outline of what you want to write. It’s fundamental if you want to make writing become your professional choice. Your clients expect a consistent and complete post from you and having a precise outline can help you work on your content including all the elements requested by your clients.
  4. Reading
    When you have to focus on a topic, start by reading what you can find about it. It’s a good exercise for your brain to collect more lexical elements and expand your current vocabulary, and it’s also a great way to gather information to use for writing your piece. As a general rule of thumb, reading should be part of your everyday life. Again, no matter what you read (it may be a novel, a science essay, a fairy tale, anything you like), what matters is that you like it.
  5. Choose the right vocabulary
    Let’s deepen the vocabulary topic. You should try to expand your vocabulary by reading, but the best choice is to keep your writing style as simple as you can. Don’t use complicated words, unless it’s absolutely necessary (for example, because your client wants you to do it). Complex words don’t make your work smarter. Just make sure everyone out there can read and understand what you write… you aren’t writing a thesis for college!

As a final tip, try to convey your message easily and simply. Make your writing style smooth and understandable to anyone but also engaging and interesting. Your goal is to have your readers appreciate your post from the first to the last word.

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