5 Pro Tips for Writing Catchy Blog Headlines

By Sadia Alam.

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Write catchy headlines.

Today, we’ll be talking about the art of writing catchy headlines. While there’s no magic formula, your headline will always follow specific guidelines and patterns, and summer camps are the best time to learn all this digital stuff. But you must be worried about how you get people’s attention to what you write in the whole world of art? All you need is good content or great design. The most important part of writing an article is the headline, and writing catchy headlines might be difficult.

What Is A Headline?

It’s hard to believe that people will read your long-form content if they don’t see it first. You want to grab their attention with your headline because that’s what they’ll see on social media feeds.

The Role of Headlines: They make content possible to share and read. They are the primary source of information for social media users. Writing catchy headlines can increase the reach of your content by many times.

Why People Read Your Headline: People have very short attention spans and are busy; they are surfing through hundreds of pieces of content every day. And it would help if you made yours stand out.

5 Tips for Writing A Good Blog Headline:

1-Be Clear:

It would help if you were clear and specific regarding the action you want the reader to take. It should be a call-to-action that incites an immediate response from the reader. Keep your headline direct. Please don’t make it too long or elaborate because it will look spammy, and people won’t click on it! Also, don’t make your headline too vague either.

2- Use what, why, how, or when:

These are all excellent words to include in a headline that will help you drive the action you want the reader to take. For example, if your link is about “how to prepare eggs?” You should have a headline like this: How to Prepare the Perfect Scrambled Eggs in 5 Easy Steps This kind of headline would communicate to readers precisely what they’ll get from clicking on the link, and as a result, you’ll find more people willing to click it.

3 – Use Numbers to Give Concrete Takeaways:

Numbers are great to use in headlines because they give your readers a surefire way of knowing what to expect when they go through the content. Numbers, by their nature, carry with them a sense of certainty and concreteness. “Teaching Your Kids about Money” has none of those qualities, so it doesn’t stand out as well as “5 Proven Steps for Teaching Your Kids about Money”.

4 – Make an exclusive offer:

Exclusivity is necessary to create a sense of urgency that will encourage people to click on your headline and read your article. It could be something like “This Month Only” or “Limited Time Offer.” Exclusivity works well if you’re trying to sell something, so keep that in mind when creating your headlines.

5 – Use benefits:

People click on headlines for a reason, and we all know it, so stop beating around the bush and state your case! Benefits work well in headlines because they tell the reader exactly what to expect from reading your content. “Cures Your Hemorrhoids Fast,” tells people exactly how they’re going to feel after reading this article. They won’t be embarrassed anymore; their hemorrhoids will go away fast with these tips! See how that works? You can also use questions like, “Do You Want A Better Memory?” or “How To Get Traffic For Your Blog.”


1- Using buzzwords or clichés

2- Using deceptive language

3- Making your headline too long

4- Not using benefits to get people interested in clicking on your content.

5- Brainstorming using the questions, “What?”, “Why?”, “When?” or “Who?” instead of actual words commonly used in headlines. It’s okay to use questions if they are answered within the article itself!

6 – Neglecting to proofread your content before publishing it! Always double-check for spelling, grammar mistakes, and typos. These blunders will make you look unprofessional and ruin all the hard work you put into writing good content.

7 – Having no call to action because this tells the reader what to do next. You can also make your headline an effort like, “Go here now” or “Click this link.”


If you are eager to write exceptional headlines, you’ll need to change the language that goes into it. If you’re not very eloquent with words, then there are tons of tools out there that can help you improve your writing skills! Find good software like Grammarly and try using these tips to get more views on your content. Your readers will thank you for it!

Thanks for reading!

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