4+ Essay Writing Tips That You’ll Thank To Learn

It seems that most people tend to believe that essay writing is a skill useful for college students and academic scholars only. Honestly, there’s not a worse misunderstanding of essay writing.

essay writingWriting Beyond The School Environment

Indeed, the place where you will be asked to write essays more often is school or college, but this doesn’t mean that outside the school environment you won’t have to write anything like an essay during the rest of your life.

Think, for example, to journalists or professional writers, bloggers, and everyone who made of writing their path for a work career. When you look for a review on a product or service online, you will get to read what someone else wrote about that. Writing reviews is another sub-field of writing. If you have to treat a precise topic or you have to describe a specific service provider, you have to be entirely focused on your goal without having your thoughts or personal opinions influencing your content.

Let’s say that you don’t like slots but you have to write about Africa Casinos: your ability to be impartial makes all the difference between professionalism and lack of honesty. You have to describe each kind of game, regardless of your specific preferences. So, when you come to talk about slots, you’ll create an objective and impartial image of how slots work, how you can win more often, what newest slots are on the market, what casinos on the web offer the safest slots, etc.

Do you think you won’t be a journalist or you won’t ever start a blog? Perfect choice, but don’t forget that you may often need to write something of your own for a job interview (for example, a CV or a resume), you may have to write a complaint letter or a text to report an event or someone.

Writing Is Essential But Also Hard

The fact that many people decided to choose writing as their lifelong career doesn’t mean that writing an article or an essay is necessarily easy. On the contrary, writing a good essay is pretty challenging even for professional writers. One of the biggest difficulties may be the fact that you have to write about a given topic. Either it’s your teacher or your office boss to assign you a topic, you have to work on it even though you don’t like it or you don’t know it very well (it will be a good occasion to expand your knowledge, anyway!).

Another thing that makes essay writing hard is that you are always pressed by your goal. You want to get an A, not just writing something that’s averagely “good”. At the same time, you may want to do the least amount of work possible, which is often hard but you still want to try your best to save your energy!

Learn How To Write Superb Essays

Are you ready to get started with some excellent essay writing tips? Oh, you don’t have to be a professional journalist or scholar to get these tips and use them for your next essay, our tips are oriented to everyone who wants to improve their essay writing skills:

5-point essay structure

  1. Conflict and change
    Your essay is a story made of conflict and change. You should treat different ideas that may create a sense of conflict and then show the change, that is the way we should consider those ideas. The “change” element in your essay represents a point of suspense that comes to show the readers something they couldn’t expect.
  2. Have fun writing
    As long as you have fun with how you write something, you will be able to work smoothly and better. Moreover, you’ll be able to convey the same sense of fun to your readers, as well. Writing with fun simply means to feel deeply motivated to write about a topic and the best way to motivate yourself even for certain topics that you may not like too much is to ask yourself a question and try to answer that. Looking for an answer to give yourself will help you find some motivation to write about your topic.
  3. Select information when researching
    So, you have to answer a question. The best way to do it is to start research, either you go to a library or you search on the web. Focus on the elements that surprise you the most, that you find incredible, and you’d like to share with your readers. Avoid information that is quite granted or even silly. Make also sure to use official information and verified news.
  4. Five-point essay structure
    If you are afraid you will disperse your attention or energy on useless information, you will certainly be grateful to learn the “five-point essay structure“. It’s a structure articulated in five main sentences that are meant to drive your attention and research. The first statement should be a thesis, then you have three sentences that motivate or prove your thesis, and the last point is your conclusion.

Keep in mind that you should write the three statements of the body first, then the thesis, and the conclusion last.

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